William Lyons

Biographical Information

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, graduating from Memphis Central High School in 1966.Then I went to Rhodes College in Memphis, graduating in 1970 in Political Science. Then I went to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma where I received a Ph.D. in 1974 in Political Science. My first job was at Oklahoma State University. By then I was the father of Laura, born in 1973. Later I moved to Knoxville and the University of Tennessee, where I retired in 2012. My son Matt was born in 1978.  I married Gay Henry on June 17, 1995. She and our daughter Liz joined our household in West Hills.  Gay and I now live in Downtown Knoxville at 607 Union Avenue in Kendrick Place. In 2003 I joined the City of Knoxville under then Mayor and now Governor Bill Haslam.  I served as Senior Director of Economic Development, Sr. Director of Policy Development, and Sr. Director of Policy and Communications for the City. I also held the latter position under Mayor Daniel Brown in 2011. I then joined Madeline Rogero's administration as Deputy to the Mayor and Chief Policy Officer.